Use Your Own Domain Name!

Using your own domain is incredibly simple. If you do things in the right order you shouldn’t have any problems. Follow these simple rules to make sure you are doing things correctly.

  1.  Buy your domain name.
    Go to or whatever registrar you use or are familiar with and purchase the domain name you’d like to use.
  2. Point your A record.
    Inside your registrar, this is Godaddy or wherever you bought the domain name. Look for your DNS settings. Godaddy switches terminology up quite a bit when they do redesigns. Look for “Manage DNS” or “DNS”.


  3. GoDaddy Settings

    GoDaddy DNS Settings

    Click the edit pencil on the A Record row. Enter @ for Name and for the value.

  4. Create Your Site!
    Come to, login and click create a site button. The first field is for your domain name that you purchased. The next field is the title of the site.
  5. Connecting your domain and the new site.
    When you first create your site it will be using the subdomain and only be reachable by its subdomain address. This subdomain is created from the domain name you entered when creating the site. If you click ‘My Sites’ you will see your sites and the address you see under the title is the system address to reach your site. This allows you to edit the site without it being “live”, or connected to the domain name for now.

    Once you have edited the site to your liking and are ready for the site to be reached by using the domain name, then click the “Sites” button in the top menu. This shows your list of sites and the status of each one. If it’s green, it will be reachable by using the domain name only.To make a site “live” click the “Go Live” button, in just a second or two, it will change to green and say “Live Site”. Now your site will work by using the domain name!