What are groups?

Groups are for mainly for brokers and larger organizations. Brokers are created when a broker or a real estate group that has commissioned us to build a custom theme that only they can use.

We have public templates that everyone can use and then custom themes that are only an option to those that belong in that group.

Our group system allows for the group owner to add anyone they want to use their templates. Usually this is an office, group or broker.

How do you join a group?

There are two ways you can join a group.

  1. You can be added by the group admin. They can give you a code that you would put in on your profile page or they’ll send an email invite
  2. You can enter a group code in your profile page that someone gives you.

What can I do if I belong to a group?

If you belong to a group. You will be able to now use their custom templates for your websites. You will now see any group templates in the dropdown menu when you create a new site.

That’s it!

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