AgentAssets is here!

Finally! Single Property Sites you’ve been wanting for a long time is now here. has officially become And we have many great features and abilities with the new system. It’s been a long time in the making and I’m finally proud to announce the new site.

Here’s a breakdown of the features we’ve got!

  • Integrated payments using PayPal
  • Package based system
  • Expiration notices
  • Ability to switch templates/themes
  • Immediate access to your sites after creation
  • Lightning speed site creation


Why Use Us?

Simple. Because we make the most elegant microsites on the planet… that work. How do we know?

Because our clients tell us. We work hard and  we love what we do. We specialize in beautiful property websites that would cost $2,000 or more per site.

We want to keep the branding you’ve worked so hard to build intact. Microsites should extend the consistency of your branding along the quality of your print materials and website that you and your clients deserve.

Microsites contain their own SEO principles and tags allowing savvy buyers on the internet to find your listings quickly.

Sell Your Listings Faster!

Sell Your Listings Faster!

You sell properties by having curb appeal. So your single property sites should also have that eye-popping, attention-getting, “curb appeal”!

Now that we have created our first PUBLIC template, we are inviting all real estate agents to have beautiful single property websites! Our first template is a beautiful “Supersized” template. It’s easy to customize colors and pictures! Plug & Go! Get your content, plug it in, upload photos, DONE! Customize your site by choosing custom colors, add broker or agent logo, add your picture, agent information, and your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+!! Wanna see it in action?

SIGN UP NOW and start building the most elegant single property websites!